Meet our awesome team

Sarah / The Marketing Girl

Sarah is our world traveler. She brings a wide range of experiences from Armenia, USA, Germany, France, Mexico to inConcept team. With her extensive knowledge of international market needs, trends and marketing strategies, she makes our projects stand out and be astounding. She is the one with many words (in too many languages). Hobbies: traveling, learning languages, yoga Key Skills: digital marketing, communications, drafting/editing, Photoshop.
Yerem Khalatyan Yerem Khalatyan
Yerem Khalatyan

Yerem Khalatyan / CEO, Co-Founder

He is always on top of all technology innovations and new trends. He has an endless energy to speak, motivate and inspire the team members. Every day he can wake up with a new idea and run to the office to share his admiration with the team.

Hobbies: traveling, sports, hiking, data science

Artur Karapetyan / Android Captain

Artur is our Android speedster. Artur is our most enthusiastic and innovative member of the team. He is always aware of the mobile trends and emerging technologies. Artur also loves gaming and everyone hates him for having the top score in all games.

Tigran Barseghyan / Java Lover

He types faster than a speeding bullet. His codes are more powerful than a locomotive. He is able to develop cool features in a single day. Meet the supercoder and the movie fanatic of our team with over 10 years of extensive software development experience and outstanding mobile expertise. Hobbies: Movies, Lord of the Rings, Armenian products, Key Skills:Java, Android, .Net, SQL, Cloud.

A few words about company

We are a group of young enthusiasts that have established our Tech startup - InConcept Labs in May 2014. 

The idea was to create a company of devoted software professionals who are innovative, who love to code and are especially passionate about mobile development. 

Our goal is to develop new and innovative applications and web tools with user friendly interfaces and excellent design. We believe that technology is the key to a better future. One of our main priorities are educational applications and learning platforms.


Life @ InConcept Labs

Our awesome products

Liveboard - Real-time Collaboration

Liveboard is a cross-platform (Android, iOS, Web) educational tool specifically designed to provide innovative solution to improve distance learning and visual communication. LiveBoard is a mobile to mobile and mobile to Web collaboration tool that turns your device into a virtual board allowing you to draw, mark up images and work together with classmates, colleagues and friends in real-time.