Welcome to InConceptLabs

We are a group of enthusiastic and energetic individuals who come every day to our Lab to research, learn and apply our skills in creating solutions that people like.

Continuous learning, excellence in design and engineering are at the core of our culture.


Great ideas are born when you think out of the box and don’t settle with something you have. Our team always looks one step into the future to build the next tools to innovate business and education.


People are at the heart of our work. We build multi-platform applications with friendly and intuitive design that create a gratifying experience for users and build loyalty along the way.


Our secret to success is hard work. Delivering a product is one thing, but to us success is creating a stunning innovative solution. You can rely on us to meet tight deadlines and provide support anytime.

A few words about company

We are a group of young enthusiasts that have established our tech startup - InConcept Labs in May 2014.

The idea was to create a company of devoted software professionals who are innovative, who love to code and are especially passionate about mobile development.

Our goal is to develop innovative applications and web tools with user friendly interfaces and excellent design. We believe that technology is the key to a better future. Our main focus are educational applications and platforms.



We are passionate about coding and building products that people love.


We encourage every team member to think creatively and innovate which has brought breakthrough ideas to the table.


We love to challenge ourselves. We like to tackle projects of all sizes and complications. We constantly research and learn to stay ahead of the game.


Sharing is at core of our office culture. By sharing knowledge, skills and experiences and giving productive feedback we grow individually and as a team.


Brainstorming new ideas
Learning every day
YES! We are nerds

Everyone in the team is involved in the discussion of new product features. We have a special brainstorming day when each brings his/her ideas and presents to the team. This is when genius ideas are born.

We believe in lifetime learning and constant growth. We organize workshops and presentations every week to share our knowledge and expertise to perfectionate ourselves as professionals. We also have English, Java and other certification courses ever so often.

It’s not a secret that we love to code and challenge ourselves! Last October we participated in the #CreateTogether Hackathon at Tumo Center and proved that we can code 24 hours straight.

Having fun at the office is as important as work. So don’t be surprised if everyone stops working all of a sudden because it is the time for a QuizUp championship. We also do monthly trips, game nights and take part in different tournaments, such as the national Taboo tournament in 2015 where our team proudly won the first place.

Liveboard - RealTime Collaboration
Liveboard - RealTime Collaboration

Liveboard is a cross-platform (Android, iOS, Web) educational tool specifically designed to provide an innovative solution to improve distance learning and visual communication.

Liveboard - RealTime Collaboration

Liveboard - RealTime Collaboration

LiveBoard is a mobile to mobile and mobile to Web collaboration tool that turns your device into a virtual board allowing you to draw, mark up images and work together with classmates, colleagues and friends in real-time.

Distinctive features:

  • Real-time interactive drawing with an unlimited number of participants,
  • Instant messaging with the participants of the session,
  • Configurable sizes for brush, a full-spectrum color picker, text tool,
  • Unlimited undos and redos to retrace your steps,
  • Local wifi support, in-app hotspot creation.
Mashtots - Learn Armenian

Mashtots is a multi-platform educational application that helps you learn Western Armenian with fun and interactive educational games, quiz questions, audio and grammar tips.

Mashtots - Learn Armenian

Mashtots is the first free application in the market that helps the users learn Western Armenian vocabulary and essential grammar, as well as, test and deepen their knowledge about Armenian culture, history and geography in a fun and interesting way.

Mashtots includes:

  • Visual games with audio to learn basic vocabulary and correct spelling,
  • Educational quizzes about Armenian literature, culture, history and geography,

  • Interactive profiles with game statistics and amount of learnt words,

  • Grammar tips with every launch of the game,

  • Multilingual app interface (Armenian, English, Spanish).

Our Professionals Are Always Ready To Take Your Project
Gurgen Gevondov
Sarkis Matinyan
Artur Avetisyan
Grigori Eyramjyan
Spartak Poghosyan
Arman Galstyan
Yerem Khalatyan
Anahit Martirosyan
Sarah Khalatyan
Artur Karapetyan
Paruyr Muradyan
Rustam Navoyan
Tigran Barseghyan
Gurgen Gevondov

Gurgen Gevondov / Android speedster

Gurgen is our Android speedster. He is coding as fast as he swims in the coast of Black Sea. He is currently a student in Slavic University, so he fluently speaks 4 languages. Gurgen likes to learn how to code bug-free, so he is putting all the efforts to achieve that goal.

Hobbies: Swimming, BBQ, stand up comedy

Sarkis Matinyan

Sarkis Matinyan / Full Stack Samurai

Sarkis is our full stack, backend heavy duty software expert. Born in Armenia but raised in Moscow, Sarkis is emphasized urban guy representing big city lifestyle. There is a city legend that Sarkis can code 100 hours NONSTOP. Besides coding, Sarkis loves rock music, tea parties with friends, sushi, and playing board games. Guess, what he is currently watching? "Silicon Valley" & "Game of Thrones"

Hobbies: Movies, tea, hiking, visiting friends in Moscow 

Artur Avetisyan

Artur Avetisyan / Everything Developer

Artur is our Java expert with "Just Do it" credo. There is no I can't for him. All you need to do, give him a challenge and time, Artur will figure out the rest.  At the same time Artur is great at balancing work and having fun, he always on top of the tech and MMA news.

Hobbies: mixed martial arts, playing guitar, can't live without music

Grigori Eyramjyan

Grigori Eyramjyan / Product Guy

Grigori is our Product guy.  Residing in San Francisco, he is a true social connector and "I know that person" type of person. Grigori can talk about product design, development and entrepreneurship all day long. The most connected person in the team he maintains relations with customers and making sure that everyone stays busy. Besides, Grigori cooks his own meal, traveling and coaching judo in SFSU Club.

Hobbies: Martial arts, traveling, extreme sports, cooking

Spartak Poghosyan

Spartak Poghosyan / WEB Wizard

Spartak is our Wizard of Web. His passion for web development boosts his ability to learn all the new technologies as soon as they appear in a Web world. Calm and open-minded in nature Spartak is the most easy-going person in the team. Always having headphones on with hard rock tracks on replay, he turns the coffee into powerful code. Spartak is a big fan of Star Wars and Harry Potter series and spends most of his spare time playing video games and traveling.


Hobbies: video games, music, movies, traveling

Arman Galstyan

Arman Galstyan / iOS Developer

Arman is our iOS Developer. He is passionate about cars, design patterns, and building awesome mobile UIs for Healthcare and IoT products during the own free time. 

Hobbies: Sports cars, UFC, guitar 

Yerem Khalatyan

Yerem Khalatyan / The Idea Generator

Yerem is our inspiration source and idea generator. He is always on top of all technology innovations and new trends. He has an endless energy to speak, motivate and inspire the team members. Every day he can wake up with a new idea and run to the office to share his admiration with the team.

Hobbies: traveling, sports, hiking, data science

Anahit Martirosyan

Anahit Martirosyan / Quality Assurance

Anahit is our Quality Assurance Engineer

The calmest person in the office... but, when it comes to product quality, Anahit becomes a nightmare for development team being maximum demanding, fussy and hard to compromise. She is an optimist by nature who sees an opportunity in every challenge. Anahit loves adventures, travel, music festivals and interested in psychology.

Hobbies: Travelling, watching movies/cartoons, tennis, music.

Sarah Khalatyan
Sirush Sarah Khalatyan

Sarah Khalatyan / The Marketing Girl

Sarah is our world traveler. She brings a wide range of experiences from Armenia, USA, Germany, France, Mexico to InConcept team. With her extensive knowledge of international market needs, trends and marketing strategies, she makes our projects stand out and be astounding. She is the one with many words (in too many languages).

Hobbies: traveling, learning languages, yoga.

Artur Karapetyan
Artur Karapetyan

Artur Karapetyan / Animation Expert

Artur is most enthusiastic and innovative member of the team. As our material design and animation expert, Artur always contrives new and exciting ways for our applications to look fresh. He is always aware of the mobile trends and emerging technologies. Artur also loves gaming and everyone hates him for having the top score in all games.

Hobbies: video games, watching movies, 90s music.

Paruyr Muradyan
Paruyr Muradyan

Paruyr Muradyan / iOS Master

Paruyr is definitely born to code. He is an iOS virtuoso that knows all the tricks and hacks of iOS app development. He has strong knowledge of Apple ecosystem and platform specific details. Paruyr loves ice cream and he uses an Android phone. I know it’s weird.

Hobbies: collecting mini cars, comics, community service.

Rustam Navoyan

Rustam Navoyan / Android Captain

Calculations, possibilities, and formulas. Rustam’s main competence includes real-time data sharing, network protocols and improving application performance. Rustam loves to challenge his mind with puzzles and can’t eat or sleep until he finds the optimal answer. And No!, he’s not always hungry and sleepy.

Hobbies: swimming, running, mind puzzles.

Tigran Barseghyan
Tigran Barseghyan

Tigran Barseghyan / Java Lover

He types faster than a speeding bullet. His codes are more powerful than a locomotive. He is able to develop cool features in a single day. Meet the supercoder and the movie fanatic of our team with over 10 years of extensive software development experience and outstanding mobile expertise.

Hobbies: movies, Lord of the Rings, comics, Armenian products.